Behind the Scenes with Signal Tower

Signal Tower Band

A Band of Brothers. Texas and California born, California and Texas raised. Meet Caleb & Daniel Rogers. Music was always in their lives, Signal Tower was a lifelong dream. From their grandfather’s brother being a country music singer in the Houston area way back in the ‘50s to their father singing on Broadway, music is truly in their blood.

Caleb Rogers, the Lead Singer, realized his passion for music at a young age, always knowing the pursute to share his art would be realized. From singing in the Dallas Opera, with his brother, to jamming out with his Dad to “the classics”, music was always around growing up.

Daniel Rogers, Drummer & Vocalist, began writing music when he was 15 – sharing the common artistic vision with his brother Caleb. “We started off slowly with lyrics and music between the two of us…but (then) it just happened all of the sudden. We found some great people to play music with us. And yeah, it just happened pretty suddenly – it became real – excited.” (Daniel)

The brothers started writing music in Austin, TX years back with one intent – having fun!

“Daniel would come down and visit on the weekends and we would just sit in my apartment and try to work on some new tunes.” [Caleb]

And when asked how it’s like working with his brother… “Oh, he’s a pain in the ass! (laughs) No. It’s actually way too easy!” [Caleb]

“Just blame it on creative differences.” [Daniel Rogers]

Writing poetry has been a way of life for most of the brothers’ lives, “pretty much as soon as we could write, we were trying to put thought into that medium” [Caleb]. Once the two brothers started actually playing instruments outside of just taking piano lessons or singing in a choir, once they started doing their own thing with it, they began merging the poetry and the melodies that had been stored in their creative minds.

“Just seemed like a natural progression of things. That’s where it got started..” [Caleb]

To bring in the New Year, Signal Tower dropped their first EP on January 1st, 2020.

The Citizens EP – Produced by the Austin Legend, Robert Harrison – Listen Here